Uig Lodge

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Fishing at Uig Lodge

Uig Lodge has the wonderful advantage over other fisheries of being able to offer its guests an entire river system to fish.  The Fhorsa System begins in Loch Suainaval, runs into Loch Slacsavat, and then meanders through pretty river pools, before flowing out into the sea via the Bruton Stream.  It is here where one has the rare opportunity of catching a salmon on the fly in salt water, making Uig a unique fly fishing destination. 

Whether you prefer to fish from a boat in the loch or from the banks of the river, an experienced ghillie will be on hand to get you into the right place.  Depending on the time of year, you can fish for salmon, brown trout, ferox trout and sea trout.

With recent annual catches of over 100 salmon, 50 sea trout and 400 brown trout, Uig is a superb all-round fishery and has plenty to offer the experienced fisherman as well as the complete beginner. 

Salmon fishing season: 1st June – 15th October
Trout fishing season: 15th March to 6th October

Four to six rods depending on the season.  Fishing is by fly only.

“It was simply excellent! It is rare to come across such a splendid smoked salmon with rich flavour and taste”

Yasuhiro, Japan