Buy Smoked Salmon Online


You can be rest assured that when you buy smoked salmon online we take the utmost care to ensure that you receive a high quality product in perfect condition.

Although you can't see the product like you can at your local fishmongers or supermarket we can guarantee that we take great care in hand cutting and smoking our premium salmon on site here in our own smokehouse.

The smoked salmon is carefully packaged with ice sheets and vacuum sealed to ensure it reaches you in excellent condition, speciality couriers are used to transport your salmon and take the minimum time to get your fresh salmon to your door.

Buying your smoked salmon online from UIG also helps you understand the provenance of the salmon, the history, care and detail we have taken in preparing the salmon by hand using traditional methods. Not only are you buying a premium quality product but you are also helping a local economy and a family run business.

Check out our smoked salmon shop and learn more about our smokehouse. If  you have any questions or doubts about buying mail order smoked salmon online , please read our FAQ.